Why adopt a one-way mirror in your home ?

Also called “transparent mirror”, it is a glass that works in such a way that it reflects the image from one side and allows you to see through it from the other side. It requires one room to be brightly lit and the other dark. It is often used outdoors because the light is stronger than indoor.

How does a one-way mirror work?

The glass contains a very thin laminated window film. This film can be on top of the glass or inside the glass. Light passing through both sides of the glass is reflected by this metal foil and, as a result, the brighter room gets more reflection than the other room.

Thus, the thicker the foil and the more illuminated a sector is, the greater the mirror effect.

What are the advantages of one-way mirrors

There are a variety of uses for this type of glass or mirrors, as they are very useful for research, studies and tests. In the home it serves a privacy protection function.

If a one-way mirror plate is placed on a window or windows facing the street, during the day you can prevent people passing by from seeing what is going on inside. At night, curtains should be used to avoid the opposite effect.

What is the price of a one-way mirror?

While you can buy the glass specially conditioned for this function, you can also adapt a common one with clear vinyl sheet metal -commonly aluminum-.

Polyester film to put on windows costs around 9 euros, while a silver protective vinyl costs between 20 and 25 euros, and a black vinyl from 9 euros.

How to install a one-way mirror film

The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean and dry the glass to prevent any lint or dirt from being trapped there.

The sheet should have 3 cm of extra size on each edge. Then, place it on the glass and remove the protective coating with a little water. Spray water with a little soap on the glass and place the adhesive side of the film on the window, this makes it easier to place. Finally, remove the water between the plate and the glass with the window squeegee and trim the excess with a cutter.

How to maintain a one-way mirror

You should keep the glass free of dust and dirt with dusters or dry cloths.
To clean it you can use a solution of soapy water and then a little alcohol with newspaper or a lint-free cloth, to avoid leaving marks.

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