What you should know before dating a transgender woman !

The term “transgender” encompasses the group of people who do not identify with the sex they have been assigned by nature, but with the opposite sex. A transgender woman thinks, feels, acts, dresses, functions in society and wants to be loved like any other woman, so her birth gender takes a back seat.

The physical, emotional and behavioral characteristics of transgender women do not resemble those that distinguish male individuals, so the erroneous thinking that they are “men” should be eradicated.

In conjunction with this ideology, also eliminating existing taboos regarding couples consisting of a heterosexual man and a transgender woman is fundamental to not discriminating or worrying about the opinions of third parties when thinking about establishing a relationship.

Understanding what transgenderism is

Misinformation is the basis of ignorance in many cases of discrimination and rejection of transgender people. That is why it is considered essential to inform about what transsexuality is and why it is related to an identity of the human being and not to a disease or a whim.

If there is a discrepancy between the sex at birth and the sexual identity, the desire to become transsexual to fit the identity that is considered real and definitive is originated. For the transsexual person, it is essential to be defined in the correct sex, to be socially accepted by others and to live a full life free of rejection.

Meeting a transsexual woman does not make you gay

The belief that by meeting a transsexual woman and giving yourself the opportunity to explore the thoughts and feelings of both automatically makes you gay is backward and misplaced. Sexual preference is determined by a pattern of behavior that is sustained over time and not by a romantic encounter with a transsexual woman.

Also, there is a big difference between gender identity and sexual orientation. That is, meeting a transsexual woman will also not make you become transgender or stop identifying with your birth sex. Love comes in many possible forms, you just have to know yourself to know what inspires you.

Don’t obsess about your transition

If you are just starting to date a transgender woman or have no experience with it, don’t obsess about your transition. On the contrary, enjoy the experience and stop focusing on malicious comments that can deprive you of experiencing emotions that all human beings need in their lives such as love and friendship.

Research and put yourself in the shoes of the transgender person you are interested in so that it is possible to connect intimately with them and see beyond what society sees. As a society, we must move towards a world that is more tolerant, understanding and full of opportunities for all, regardless of our status and sexual orientation.

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