What are the benefits of Aleppo soap for hair?

It seems impossible that there is any product that can treat any type of hair, and achieve positive results. However, there is something that is not a chemical product, but a completely natural product, which has been a success for hair treatments, and that is Aleppo soap.

Aleppo Soap and dry hair

One of the most striking properties of Aleppo soap is its moisturizing ability, a function provided by the olive oil, which makes it an effective treatment for dry hair.

One of the best qualities is that it not only treats the hair, but also acts on the scalp, thanks to the action of the olive oil, which provides fatty acids that, among other things, nourish the hair follicles and fibers.

This is how the soap acts on both the hair and the scalp, ensuring deep nourishment.

Commercially, Aleppo soap is sold in different quantities and concentrations, with 12% Aleppo soap being ideal for treating dry hair, nourishing it and giving it shine, softness, volume and strength.

Aleppo Soap and oily hair

Oily hair is undoubtedly the most difficult type of hair to treat, as many of the products that promise to remove oil leave the hair dry and damaged.

On the other hand, Aleppo soap 30% will be enough to remove impurities from the scalp and oil from the hair. This action is thanks to one of its components, laurel oil, which inhibits the hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands located in the scalp, which are responsible for producing the oil that spreads to the hair.

In this way, it directly treats the problem, without seeking to absorb the oil, an effect that would lead to dryness. In this way, it fights the grease, leaving the hair clean and moisturized.

Alep Soap and normal hair

People who have normal hair (i.e. neither dry nor greasy), generally look for products that keep their hair clean and healthy.

Fortunately, Aleppo soap not only serves to correct hair flaws, but also provides nutrients and vitamins to nourish normal hair.

Application of Aleppo soap 30% will be enough to provide hair with nutrients to give strength, control dandruff and hair loss, protect the scalp and promote hair growth.

Why use Aleppo soap to wash your hair?

As evidenced, Aleppo soap can offer multiple benefits to any type of hair, however, listed below are a few other advantages:

  • All the ingredients in its formula are natural. It contains no coloring, flavoring or preservatives;
  • As an anti-dandruff shampoo, it can also treat scalp psoriasis;
  • It is biodegradable;
  • Its manufacturing process is cruelty free and BDIH certified.
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