Should I take out all my insurance with the same insurer ?

It could be that grouping your contracts with the same insurance company is often more advantageous than taking your insurance from different insurers. Indeed, this grouping can allow you to make more savings, to obtain an easier management of your contracts or a better accompaniment. Is taking out insurance with the same insurance company an advantageous solution? Let’s find out!

Is it worthwhile to bundle all your insurance ?

Every driver has the duty to take out motorcycle or car insurance just as the tenant has the duty to take out home insurance. However, when you are obliged to take out other insurance policies, you should think about grouping them together. Indeed, it is the best way to benefit from a rather advantageous cost.

It is therefore very interesting and important to group your insurance policies to avoid going broke. There is no law that prevents you or your insurer from grouping your contracts. This is in your interest, because you will be able to make more savings on your insurance.

First of all, it is more advantageous for insurers to bundle their policies because of the competition. It is therefore an advantageous solution for both the insured and the insurer.

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What are the advantages of grouping your contracts ?

If you are considering consolidating your policies with the same insurer, then you should know that there are several benefits that come with doing so.

Save more money

C’est le premier avantage que le regroupement de vos contrats chez la même compagnie pourra vous apporter. En effet, il existe plusieurs assureurs qui vous proposeront une réduction si vous souscrivez plusieurs assurances. Ainsi, le coût de votre cotisation par an va être moins élevé que si vous souscrivez vos assurances chez différentes compagnies.

Obtain a simpler management of your contracts

By grouping your contracts with the same insurer, you will not have to contact several insurance companies before moving or changing your situation for example. You will have a single contact to whom you can address yourself. Thus, the steps will be more flexible and easy to follow.

Avoiding duplicate warranties

The insurer with whom you have all your contracts has a perfect knowledge of your needs and will therefore do everything possible to ensure that you do not take out several contracts for the same risk. If you have a home insurance policy, for example, you are no longer obliged to take out a school insurance policy, since the first one already covers your children.

Benefit from better support

Having all your insurance contracts in charge, your insurer has a more global vision of you, your family and your assets. In this condition, he will be able to accompany you in the success of your projects and the evolution of your situation. You will have a good companion who will be able to anticipate the risks and spare you from the worst.

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How do I compete for insurance ?

However, before consolidating your insurance policies with a single insurer, you may want to compare insurance policies to find the one that suits you best. To do this, you can use online comparators to effectively compare the available offers. You also have the option of talking to several companies in order to put them in competition.

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