What are the latest news to know about crypto-currency news ?

Crypto-currencies are a high-impact industry in the global economy. If you are an investor in the financial field, it will be beneficial for you to update yourself regularly about these digitized assets. However, what are the latest news to learn about crypto currencies? Read this article for more information.

What to know about the news surrounding crypto currencies ?

The depreciation of the Chinese yuan against the U.S. dollar is intensifying. To learn more, visit this site. Indeed, this currency of the People’s Republic of China has experienced a great loss in value during the recent months. The latter could be estimated at 8% in the first half of 2022. It is important to remember that the Chinese fiat currency has never been weak against the US dollar for about 24 months. In addiction to this depreciation, China is suffering from a major real estate crisis. These situations lead some analysts to say that the global economy is not doing very well.

Bitcoin’s hash rate has seen a big increase recently. While the major cryptocurrency is moving under $22,000, the main crypto asset has seen a loss of over 9% against the U.S. dollar over the past fortnight. This has spurred an acceleration in blockchain intervals. The trend predicts that the change could intensify if the difficulty of the network changes within four days.

A crisis could set in with inflation tending to reach 10% in the German territory. In fact, the German Central Bank is forecasting a difficult autumn for Germany. This forecast is based on a continued erosion of savings as prices continue to rise. The sectors that are most affected are energy, materials and basic necessities.

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