Next Star Wars Unlimited JCC Release Date

The world of collectible card games (CCGs) is about to welcome a new star to its galaxy with the launch of the highly-anticipated “Star Wars Unlimited”. This new TCG is an initiative of Fantasy Flight Games, known for its commitment to creating quality games related to the Star Wars universe. The official announcement confirmed that this new game is scheduled for release on March 8, 2024, marking a new era for fans of the intergalactic saga.

A New JCC in Full Swing

Star Wars Unlimited is not just another Star Wars-themed card game. It has been designed to offer players a renewed experience with over 200 unique cards illustrated with visual art from the original Star Wars trilogy. Fantasy Flight Games, in partnership with Asmodee, has promised a fast-paced, strategic game that will appeal to both novices and JCC veterans alike.

The spark of rebellion: The First Set

The first Star Wars Unlimited set, entitled “Spark of the Rebellion”, is already on the radar of collectors and players alike. This set is expected to set the tone for future expansions, bringing a mix of new gameplay mechanics and captivating illustrations that recall the essence of the Star Wars saga.

Where to pre-order Star Wars Unlimited JCC

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on this new CGC, pre-ordering is a sure-fire way of securing a copy. is one of the official stores that will be distributing the Star Wars Unlimited CGC. Although precise pre-order details have not yet been released, we recommend keeping an eye on the site for updates on pre-orders.

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