How to Sterilize Bottle, Pacifier and Teat?

Sterilizing any instrument is recommended by top medical practitioners in the world. It is indeed the act of killing any germs that may exist on any surface using different solutions and healthy oils. The benefits of sterilizing bottles, pacifiers, or teats are enormous and can prevent infections for our kids. Read on to learn how to go about it.

Steps to sterilize a bottle

There are many ways to sterilize bottles. You could use the boiling method with a microwave or electric steam. First, fill the bottles with water. Put them in the oven or electric steam for three minutes. Bring them out, pour the water away and allow them to dry.

Steps to sterilize a pacifier

Babies use bottles or pacifiers for feeding purposes. It is therefore recommended to sterilize your pacifier before giving your kids. You can do so by placing it in boiling water or oven for 6 minutes. Let it cool down completely before giving it your kids.

Steps to sterilize a bottle nipple

Sterilizing your bottle nipple is advised especially for those in areas with well water or those that have contaminated water supply. You could submerge the nipple in a pot of boiling water for at least 7 minutes. You could also use cold water which contains a sterilizing tablet in a container. After the bottle nipple has been immersed in the solution for a few moments, leave it to dry.

Why is it important to properly sterilize these items?

Sterilizing bottles, bottle nipples, and pacifiers is important and recommended for kids below three months. This is because during this time, they have a weak immune system. They remain open to various diseases infections, bacteria and viruses.

This can lead to dehydration and diarrhea. However, when their feeding instruments are sterilized, it prevents these diseases.

What are the best brands of baby bottles?

Baby bottles come in various models and brands, let’s look at the best brands for your child.

NAM, the favorite brand

If you are contemplating getting a top baby bottle in the world, NAM is a good choice. It has good silk teat and anti-colic features which medical experts approve. This makes it easy for your child to feed. NAM is BPA-free and affordable in most stores.

NUK, from birth to the end of the bottle

NUK bottle nipple is one of the best bottle nipples you can get for your child. It offers a natural avenue to feed your growing child easily. NUK also provides an excellent fit in the baby’s mouth just like the mom’s nipple. It comes in various brands, colors, and sizes.

Tommee Tippee adapted to the baby’s needs

Tommie Tippee brand is a global bottle for kids and primarily created for an easier and natural feeding process. This awesome bottle nipple exhibits a natural feel and breastfeeding. It comes in anti-colic and anti-gas features which make baby feeding pleasant.

Philip Avent, quality that grows with you

Families suffer when young kids suffer from colic. Using an excellent bottle like Phillip Avent can put to bed all colic issues. It has an integrated valve that lets air into the bottle easily. This valve and the impressive silicon nipples make it the best brand for you.

Kids are our future, it is in our interest to sterilize their bottles for health reasons. Also, getting the best brands for the kids will make them happy.

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