How to Save a Leaky Phone?

Mobile phones have become human’s inseparable partners in the world. Be it CDMA Android or iPhone devices, they have become an accessory we can’t live without. It is painful when the phone falls into the water and starts to leak.

However, you don’t have to panic nor fret when this unfortunate incident occurs, just follow the steps to save a leaky phone.

Dismantle your cell Phone

The first step to take when your phone gets affected by water is to dismantle the parts. Your first action is to remove the battery and other components of the phone. Never turn the phone on after it being immersed in water. The parts should be separated from one another.

Rice, a short term solution

After separating the parts, your next action should be to dip your phone parts in uncooked rice. It is recommended to leave the dismantled parts inside the uncooked rice for a minimum of 12 hours.

For those worried about rice dust entering their phones, you may try to use a silica gel to prevent this. But don’t be too bordered about the dust, put your phone (and its part) inside the rice grain.

Caution Salt watery causes irreversible damage

Please it is a wrong decision to use salt water to clean your leaky phone. In fact, salt water is very dangerous and kills electronic devices. It has conductive properties and very corrosive.

Even if the phone work after using the salt solution, it is a short-term method. Eventually, your phone board circuit will be damaged.

Try specialized products

Saving your phone is very important, use recommended specialized products that will help your phone recovery easier.

The isopropanol solution

There are various alternatives to clean leaky phone, one of which is the isopropanol solution. Prepare a mix of 50% water and 50% isopropanol alcohol available at your pharmacy. Use a dry cloth to apply the solution carefully to the affected parts. Never spray directly on your phone.

The moisture-absorbing solution

To get your leaky phone back to life, you may use desiccants which are chemicals that absorb moisture from all surfaces. Although Apple advises against using solutions to remove water, it has been discovered that in the right proportions it can work.

Good examples of compounds that work in this solution are calcium chloride, sulfate, zeolite, potassium, and silica gels.

The Waterrevive Blue solution

The Waterrevive is an excellent water-removal solution for mobile phones. This chemical solution known as “Waterrevive Blue” has been found to do a very good job for water-logged phones. You don’t need any technical ability to use it. Any water-damaged phone will be revived within 5 minutes. It is simple, effective, and fast.

Cell phone fallen in the water: What not to do ?

Immediately your phone gets wet or affected by water, here are some things to avoid.

Do not press the buttons

Pressing the phone buttons can cause irreparable damage to the board and the phone. Buttons are the first part affected when your phone leaks, refrain from doing further damage.

Do not dry or heat

Also, avoid drying out the phone or using heat. This will just make matters worse and may lead you to get new phones. Finally, don’t try to charge your phone till you get all the water out.

Phones have become man’s best accessory, follow the above-mentioned instructions whenever your phone leaks.

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