How to open a blocked mailbox ?

You want to retrieve the contents of your mailbox but the lock fails? Choose an efficient solution to unlock it in a short time. Focus on those that work almost every time.

How to open it without damaging it ?

To solve the problem of the blocked mailbox, start by trying the soft methods. If this fails, you can use the more complex alternatives.

Clean the lock

If your mailbox is difficult to open, it may be due to a foreign object in the lock channel. In most cases, this is dust.

Correct this problem by cleaning the lock. You should use a steel laminate cleaner such as soapy water or white vinegar. The latter can be found in department stores.

Using a knife to open the mailbox

The second solution is to use a knife with a blade that can be inserted into your lock. You have to push it in instead of the key and force it open.

Removing the lock

To unlock your box, you can disassemble the lock using a hammer. Place a screwdriver or metal blade on the lock and strike it with the hammer to break it open.

How to open a jammed mailbox ?

Other more ingenious choices can help you open your jammed mailbox.

Open the mailbox with a PTT key

A PTT key is also useful for opening your jammed mailbox. These are the keys specifically used by the former postal services (post, telegraph and telephone). The PTT F10 model is the most effective, as it opens a large majority of locks.

Applying degreaser to the lock

For a mailbox lock that doesn’t open as usual, you can try to repair it by using a degreaser. This product is indicated when the lock has been exposed to frost or humidity for a long time. Simply put some on the key and if possible in the lock and then proceed to the opening maneuver.

Picking the lock

Simple and ingenious, wire is a perfect solution. Bend a piece of wire and insert it into the lock to pick it. The objective is to operate the fittings that open the box. Alternatively, you can use a nightingale.

Use a drill

Even if this solution is not the best alternative, it is still quick and useful. Using a drill, break down the lock of your mailbox and finally recover its contents.

Use a locksmith

There is nothing more reliable than the intervention of a professional. So call an experienced locksmith quickly and enjoy prompt and efficient service. Find the coordinates of your expert on his online platform.

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