How to fix a mailbox ?

The mailbox is a tool used to receive paper mail and packages. There are several ways to install it properly. Whether you want to hang it on fences, integrate it into a low wall or place it on a post, the details are given in this content.

Easy Way to fix a Wobbly Mailbox

Fixing a mailbox on a post

The installation of a mailbox on a post is done in several steps. After locating the place, where to implant the device, dig a hole with a depth of 40 cm. Then screw the post to the plate of your mailbox tightly. Then, put the foot of the post in the hole you dug. Pour concrete to hold the box on the foot of the post. Close the hole properly with a cruel. Note that the measurement of your stake should be about 1 meter. If the stake is too long, the mailbox will not stand upright and you will have to dig deeper.

Integrate the mailbox in a low wall

For this solution, you must first choose bricks that will be used to build the low wall. However, remember to take note of the dimensions of the box when cementing the bricks to have a low wall. Insert your box to adjust any loose parts. Note that the low wall should not be too small for the box or too large, but suitable.

Hanging a mailbox on a fence

Hanging a mailbox on a fence

To hang a mailbox on a fence, you can cut a part of the fence into a square shape and hang the mailbox inside. However, it must be said that this procedure does not meet the dimensional standards. Therefore, the second method is to make a square according to the measurements of your box in the mesh.

Then, take the two plates of the box by placing one inside and the other outside. Then, with the help of the screws, screw the bolts of the plates and the box well. This method is done if your fence is very rigid. But if not, put a stake at the bottom of the box to reinforce it.

What height for a mailbox?

There are standard measurements that must be followed when setting up a mailbox. This operation is regulated. This means that there are standards that must be met when setting up a mailbox. So the regulatory layout requires that the mailbox must be installed at 1.5 m from the ground. The rule requires to take into account the case of people with reduced mobility. Therefore, a mailbox higher than 1.5 m does not comply with the law.

In sum, there are several methods to install a mailbox. Just take into account the above recommendations for a good installation.

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