How to Clean the Optical Headlights on your Car?

When driving especially at night, there is a good chance you will have difficulty seeing the road due to conditions like rain, sun, or atmospheric particles which may have dampened your car headlights. These foggy headlights may reduce the visibility by 60%. That is why it is recommended that car owners clean their optical headlights to avoid accidents.

Aside from this, having cloudy headlights make your car look ugly and dirty. We will look at how you can take good care of your car headlights and the car in general.

How to remove the opacity of the headlights?

Removing the opacity of your headlights is easy with the right pieces of equipment. Just so you know, you should avoid using acidic cleaners as they can be harmful to any car parts they touch.

Removing headlight opacity using toothpaste

One can make use of cheap toothpaste to clear your cloudy lamp. Toothpaste has effective soft abrasives that are designed to clear fogs. Get a toothbrush, put a small paste, then scrub thoroughly until the headlight clear. Then get a clean cloth dipped in warm water and wipe away.

Removing headlights opacity with a dedicated kit

There are several car cleaning kits attached to cars, a good suggestion is Autoglym which has special kits for headlights alone. These kits have a cleaning compound and sand disk which can be used to remove headlight opacity. These kits come in multilingual instructions that can be easily followed.

Removing car opacity with sandpaper

You can also clear headlight opacity using pieces of sandpaper, however, be careful not to be too firm when using the sandpaper to avoid damage.

How to clean the inside of car headlights?

It’s not necessarily easy to clean the inside of a car’s lights and it’s important to be careful not to damage it. Cleaning the inside of the car headlights requires some steps which are :

  • Opening the hood

To properly open clean the car headlights, you will need to gain access to the headlights. This involves using a screwdriver to open the screws which hold the headlights.

  • Assembling the cleaning solutions

After removing the hoods, you have now gotten access to the lens. You will have to mix and prepare the cleaning solution which includes any detergents and warm water. Find a clean cloth or foam to start the cleaning. You should desist from applying too much force to prevent lens breaking.

  • Leaving it to dry

Once you have scrubbed gently with the cleaning solution and dry it with a clean towel, let it dry for some minutes before screwing it back to its place.

How to remove moisture from your car ?

There are instances where you will want to remove moisture from your car. The essentials you will need to use include the following.

  • Get a moisture absorber

A moisture absorber is an excellent instrument that removes moisture and foul smells from your vehicle. This appliance works fast and is affordable.

  • A car air defroster or air conditioner

To remove moisture from your car is simple. Vehicles come with vents that help regulate pressure and allows humidity to escape. You can turn on your AC or blower to quicken the moisture removal from inside the car.

  • Buy an electric Dehumidifier

You could also get a dehumidifier to remove some moisture from your car. Many drivers prefer this appliance especially when your car environment is moist. Cars should be taken care of like other household items.

One should engage in periodic cleaning of headlights, and the car in general to have a safe and pleasant drive adventure.

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