How do I Use the Elastic Bands for Training?

If you’re trying to lose weight or simply feel fit, you may need an elastic band. They make it easy to exercise at any place of your choice, and still have effective results. You can ditch the gym, and work out from your home or office with the elastic bands.

They help in giving defined muscular physic and stabilizing muscles that aren’t frequently used. Additionally, you can carry out a variety of exercises with the bands to reach your target training goal.

What exercise to do with an elastic band?

You can use the elastic bands either for full-body exercises or for warm-ups. They are versatile and can be used in different ways, and most times people don’t perfectly know how to use them, but it still yields a good result.

Some workout routines you can do with a band include:

  • Wall Lateral Pulldown
  • Tricep Extension
  • Band Russian Twist, and lost more

The Wall Lateral Pulldown exercise focuses on the lats and upper back. To carry out this exercise, you need to stand with your back against the wall and put the elastic band around your thumb or wrists, and begin to pull your arms above your head.

As for the Band Russian Twist, it targets the shoulders, abs, and obliques. You need to sit on the floor or mat with your legs extended and closed together. Place the center of the bands around the sole of your feet and hold the end of the band in each hand. Lean back 45 degrees and slightly bend your knees. Extend the hand to your eye level and twist to the left then the right repeatedly.

Why can elastic bands be used?

Elastic bands can be used for different reasons as they have multiple benefits. Here are a few;

  • Allows you to gain strength

Elastic bands can be used in gaining strength. The band brings a force on your muscles when used for either upper body or lower body training and this can help in gaining strength.

  • Can be used to boost bodybuilding

The elastic bands are widely used for bodybuilding and weight training. They help create more challenging training that helps in bodybuilding.

  • Boost mobility

They can be used to improve joint mobility and flexibility.

  • Widely used in rehabilitation

The elastic bands have also been proven to aid recovery on the knee, shoulder, hips, and other parts of the body. They help in speeding the pace of recovery for certain bone or joint injuries.

What are the advantages of elastic bands?

There are several benefits you enjoy when training with elastic bands

Adapts to each movement and exercise

Training with bands puts tension on your muscles and significantly improves the quality of the exercise. It makes your body work harder and gives it the means to grow and adapt to each movement.

Improves exercise efficiency

Using elastic bands significantly improves the quality of your exercise as well as the result. Your body will be moving against resistance when exercising and this will, in turn, give you a result-driven and effective workout.

Allows you to focus on movement

Elastic bands are like lightweight lifts. They make you put more effort into controlling your movements to do the exercise rightly. Doing a free-weight workout will help you get stronger and focus on your movement.

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