How do I meet a ladyboy in Brazil ?

Ladyboys are transsexual or transvestite people who manifest an impeccable female appearance; the term comes from another concept of very similar Thai origin, the kathoey, which in some cases may admit gay men with effeminate inclinations. But how to find them in Brazil? We explain it to you below.

Register in a specialized dating site

To meet a ladyboy in Brazil you can resort to a tool already classic in this 21st century: the network of networks, that is, the Internet. There is a wide range of applications (apps) that allow you to arrange a private date with people of all kinds and conditions, there are even specialized dating sites for LGBT people looking for a partner or a specific date.

Some of these apps are MyLadyboyDate, MyLadyboyCupid, TsDates, Tinder, Grinder, etc. The secret is to look for an app that has LGBT orientation, so you can make a sieve between heterosexuality and what we are looking for, which we can say is something more special. This kind of applications can be installed on the cell phone to have total discretion.

At the time of registration you can use, if you prefer to keep your anonymity and preserve your identity, a pseudonym or fictitious name to meet ladyboys that in your city in Brazil. Describe well what kind of relationship you are looking for and what are your priorities and tastes.

Also describe yourself honestly and provide the user community with interesting details: sexual interests, work environment, likes and dislikes in life, etc. With this type of applications you decide who you can meet, love or have a relationship, with freedom, without restrictions or modesty.

Go to the lgbt clubs and bars of your city

If the online application option does not convince you or has not paid off, you can go to the bars and clubs of LGBT environment that exist in the city. For sure, there you will be able to ask where to find a ladyboy.

How to find such clubs and places? It’s very simple, you can acquire on the net some of the LGTB guides of Brazil that exist or consult the database of some website that gathers LGTBIfriendly information.

There you can make a list of the most important clubs in the city you are going to visit, whether it is Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Porto Alegre or São Paulo. Of the latter, they point out that it is one of the most open cities in the world.

Nightlife in Brazil is a lot of fun; we can try to establish contacts in the party world until we find a ladyboy who convinces us. You have to keep in mind that it is not easy to distinguish them, as they blend in well with the rest of society. And one last piece of advice, extreme caution, don’t take too many valuables with you, relax and be yourself. Good luck in your search!

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