How do I Install a Stairlift in My Home?

A stairlift offers a solution to people who have difficulty using the steps by themselves. It is a piece of effective equipment mounted on stair rails for easy movement of individuals.

However, most people are not comfortable calling firms to install their stairlifts, they prefer installing them themselves. The price of stairlifts are varying depending on the models, but whichever the type, the installation process is simple.

What are the steps to install a stairlift?

The Installation of a stairlift is easy irrespective of models. The stairlift chair will go along a rail that is fastened to every third or second rail utilizing track mounts that are screwed tightly. If you are installing it on a carpeted stair, the holes are not usually visible when the stairlift is removed.

The rail should be placed at a distance that will allow the chair to travel easily without having contact with the wall. In case there are obstacles like window sills in the stairway, you will have to increase the space to accommodate this obstacle.

Furthermore, you will have to run the wiring after the stairlift is placed. This wiring will be connected to a battery charger for automation purposes. If the model isn’t battery-powered, you will need to connect to a personalized place near the stairs.

Don’t forget to get a traveling cable which will be inserted into the wall to power the chair. Once this installation is done, you will need to test it to make sure all connections are tight.

What is the average price of a stairlift?

The average price of a stairlift depends on a wide range of factors like models, steps, and size. Your budget for a good stairlift should be between $2,500 to $5,500 for brand-new models. Usually, it would be $2,700 and 4,500. The prices mentioned usually includes installations and a service warranty. Factors affecting the price could be due to manufacturers and brands.

A stairlift around the $2,500 range will usually be basic with its features to get the user around the stairs. This stairlift model offers limited features. However, a model in the $3,000 range will offer better comfort and features like weight capacity and sleekness. It may also have modifying options like folding Raul and leather seats.

Don’t think that these prices are high, because the alternatives aren’t cheap either. Apartments with lift/elevator cost a leg and arm. If you are thinking of nursing homes, budget about $8,000 per individual room.

Why install a stairlift?

Stairlifts are necessary for those who want the ease of movement from storeys. The user can sit comfortably on the seat and navigate from top to down and vice versa. Its benefits include:

  • Flexibility

Stairlifts are very flexible, so irrespective of your size and weight, you will get a particular model that will fit your stairs and suit you.

  • Affordable

Stairlifts are considered cheaper than their alternatives. The prices are good for a home appliance of its abilities.

  • Easy to install

It is very simple to fix and can be linked to the stairs instead of the wall. Removal and reinstalling are possible within minutes. Anytime you want to leave your apartment, you can detach it easily.

Stairlifts are essential home devices that can make those living in the storey have an easy movement.

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