How do I get results on the elliptical bike ?

The elliptical bike is a fitness device that is used to increase muscle mass or to burn fat. Whether it is used at home or in the gym, it allows you to expend enough energy. However, how to get good results with the elliptical bike? Here are some answers!

Elliptical Workout Tips & Tricks

What exercises to do on the elliptical bike?

The elliptical bike is perfect for cardio training, since the movement is not dangerous for the joints. In other words, it is the ideal ally to tone up and improve your physical condition. To that end, here are some exercises to do on the elliptical bike.

Exercise 1: Work on your endurance

The elliptical bike allows you to work on your endurance. To do this, you need to warm up for a few minutes at a low intensity. Then increase the intensity and finally alternate the phases.

Exercise 2: Toning the body

Get on the elliptical bike at moderate intensity for a few minutes. Then you can follow up with different strengthening exercises. Finally, repeat this sequence at least 3 times. You can allow yourself a rest period between each sequence to recover for a while.

Exercise 3: Lose weight

The elliptical bike is the perfect tool for cardiovascular exercise, but it can also help you achieve your “slimming without pain” goals. To do this, opt for the split sequence. You must therefore differentiate the phases of intense work from the phases of active recovery.

Exercise to build muscle on an elliptical bike

How often and for how long should I do the elliptical bike ?

For results to be visible quickly, you must respect a certain number of criteria. First, the sessions must be regular. You can start with 3 sessions per week, then increase to 4 or 5.

The sessions must be long. Simply put, for the elliptical bike to have an effect on the body, you need a minimum of 30 minutes of training. Over time, you can increase the duration to 45 minutes, 1 hour or even 2 hours. Next, you should start your workout with a 10-minute period at a slow pace. This will help you warm up and prepare your body to burn fat. Finally, during the same workout, you should work on your cardio by increasing the pace or intensity of the bike. However, it is not recommended to go too fast.

What other exercises should I combine to see a complete result ?

All sports activities can help you lose weight. You have the possibility of practicing other sports, but only if they are your favorites. The more you like what you do, the more regular you will be and the better your results will be.

For example, you can combine the elliptical bike with the treadmill, rowing machine, group classes and weight training. To get the most out of your workout, you can also do swimming or aquabike after the elliptical bike.

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