How do I Get Divorced ?

Marriage brings much happiness, and hope to a couple. However, things sometimes don’t work the way we expect them which has led many to the sad case of divorce.

The procedures of a divorce can be easy, and difficult depending on factors outside the controls of the couple. Here are good tips on how to get divorced easily.

What are the steps for a divorce?

There are essential steps you need to follow for a divorce to be done smoothly.

Filing a divorce petition

This is the first step when you file a document to the court stating you want your union terminated. In a divorce case, you must prove that you or your spouse reside in the state and show legal reasons why you want the divorce.

Seeking a temporary order

Filing for temporary orders is necessary for a spouse who wants a stay order or child support, child custody, and spousal support.

Some spouses are stay-at-home individuals, so they may need such temporary orders to avoid their spouse taking advantage of the divorce to abdicate on responsibilities.

Serve your spouse and wait for a response

After filing for a divorce petition and getting a temporary order, you need to give it to your spouse. This is easy if your spouse wants to go ahead with the divorce, but for a difficult spouse, you may find it hard to serve them.

Negotiate a settlement

When your partner has been served and there are some contentious issues like assets, child custody, and joint accounts, both of you need to come together to settle it in front of lawyers.

How long does it take to get a divorce?

The time frame of a divorce depends on factors like location, an agreement between both parties, settlements, trial ranges amongst others.

Note that even if all these obstacles are overcome, some states like California still won’t grant you divorce until after at least six months. However, in other states and countries, it could be as fast as five weeks and as slow as three years.

To hasten the divorce process, everyone must be willing to play their part. It is particularly helpful if you have a cooperating spouse and a good lawyer.

What are my rights in case of divorce?

couple getting divorced, withdrawing their wedding rings

Your rights in divorce depend on a range of factors that are not all guaranteed. Each divorce is unique and courts look at cases differently. Generally, some of your rights include capital like investments and life insurance policies, assets like properties owned jointly, vehicles, pension, and alimony.

As a woman, it is your right to demand your percentage of the above while a man has the right to ask for reduced payments and sole custody of the child.

What is the cost of an amicable divorce?

The cost of an amicable divorce differs on several indices like location, number of children involved, the status of your partner amongst others. However, when both spouses have agreed on most issues, this is called ’uncontested divorce.”

When you file your papers yourself the cost should be under $400. This doesn’t include the fuzzy filing fees which differ across states, however, it goes between $30-$40. Making use of a lawyer could cost you thousands of dollars because most of them charge per hour.

Divorce is a process that needs adequate planning and commitment to complete, but with patience and honest lawyers, the process will be smooth.

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