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Why adopt a one-way mirror in your home?

Why adopt a one-way mirror in your home ?

Also called “transparent mirror”, it is a glass that works in such a way that it reflects the image from one side and allows you to see through it from the other side. It requires one room to be brightly lit and the other dark. It is often used outdoors

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6 Tips for Installing Solar Panels at Home

The world is gradually moving towards safe energy to reduce waste and toxins emanating from nuclear, water, and other means of energy generation. Solar panels use energy from the sun which is extracted using the latest technologies like photovoltaic, molten salt, and artificial photosynthesis. They have several benefits over other

facade house wall orange color with green windows

7 Steps to Install Rebated Windows

Installing a rebated window takes skill and patience; however, not everyone has such required expertise. There is an option though, you could call a replacement firm to help you fix your rebate windows, but even that will cost you money. Here are some 7 steps to help install rebated windows

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How do You know When to Harvest your Potatoes?

Potatoes are well-known vegetables used to prepare many dishes. Their versatility makes them one of the most consumed vegetables in America. In 2017, research carried out showed that each American ate at least 50 pounds of potatoes every year. Potatoes are also filled with vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants that nourish

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Why Adopt the One-way Mirror in Your Home?

For those with personal homes, privacy is important and many will do everything to avoid the public. Because of these privacy concerns, new technologies have developed mirrors that can promote just that. Also called one-way mirrors or semi-transparent glass, they allow viewing from only one side. The workings of this


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