How to format an SD card?

How to format an SD card ?

SD memory cards may present errors when used in devices such as cell phones, music players, cameras…. This situation can be caused by the type of file systems of the card and its compatibility with the device as well as errors in the partitions or corruption in the files. However,

mincraft video games on cell phone, with headset

2 Methods for Creating Your Own Minecraft Server

Game lovers will know that Minecraft is one of the most popular single and multi-player games around. For those who want to play against themselves, they need to have a server they can connect with. This server allows multiple players to play easily against one another. Getting it depends on

woman in a swimming pool with a phone in her hand

How to Save a Leaky Phone?

Mobile phones have become human’s inseparable partners in the world. Be it CDMA Android or iPhone devices, they have become an accessory we can’t live without. It is painful when the phone falls into the water and starts to leak. However, you don’t have to panic nor fret when this

Gopro poser pour filmer la nature, un lac

How to Change the Wifi Password of a Gopro?

When pairing your GoPro camera to your phone, you need to use your GoPro Wifi password. However, there are certain times you may need to change or reset your GoPro Wifi password. It could be for security reasons or in case you forget it. Although there are different GoPro models,

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