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How can I get a pension in Spain ?

If you are self-employed or a salaried worker, you are close to 65 years old and you have complied with your Social Security contributions, you can apply for your pension as a senior citizen. The purpose of the economic benefit that you will receive is to replace the salary that

How to become a caregiver ?

How to become a caregiver ?

The figure of the caregiver has gained great importance in recent times, thanks to the approval in December 2006 of what is popularly known as the Dependency Law. The care assistant is the person in charge of the care of an elderly dependent person, the one who allows this person

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How do I Get Divorced ?

Marriage brings much happiness, and hope to a couple. However, things sometimes don’t work the way we expect them which has led many to the sad case of divorce. The procedures of a divorce can be easy, and difficult depending on factors outside the controls of the couple. Here are

Resume for find a job

How to Write your Resume to Find a Job?

A resume is a very important document. It is often the first point of contact between an employer and a prospective employee. First impression matters and your resume is your first opportunity to impress your prospective employer. To ensure that you properly impress your prospective employer, you should tailor your

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5 Steps to Communicate Well with your Clients

Communication is essential, especially in business. Miscommunication can wreck your relationship with your clients as well as your brand reputation. By communicating effectively, you will enjoy increased sales, referrals, and loyal customers. Irrespective of the means, you must ensure that you communicate clearly and also understand your clients during every

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How to Deal with Covid-19, When you are an E-commerce ?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought so much sorrow to many industries and homes. However, for those in the e-commerce sector, this is an opportunity for them to get more customers and make more sales since online sales are highly recommended in this period. To be successful as e-commerce during this


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