7 uncommon investment ideas

Diversification is one of the investing principles that many people ignore. Usually, popular investment portfolios are shares, property, cars, equities, etc. These investment opportunities are overwhelmingly exhausted, and whenever there’s a fall, many people often lose money.

Diversify your investment to protect yourself against future losses. Even though popular investment portfolios still yield some good results, you can also invest in some uncommon areas. Check out some of the uncommon investment ideas below.


Wine is one of those uncommon investment ideas that a lot of people ignore. Unfortunately, the misconception is that investment in wine is for the super-rich. Haven’t you heard of wine collectors? Why do you think they collect wine? The aim is to buy vintage wine products, store them, and sell them to other collectors or at auctions. However, you need a good wine storage facility. With $1,000, you can start your wine collection.

Rare stamps

Interestingly, some stamps are worth millions of dollars. According to experts, a valuable stamp yields at least 5% to 20% in returns over time. Even though not all rare stamps have the potential to increase in value, you can start collecting a few. Therefore, if you love collecting something tangible with the potential to grow, you can invest in rare stamps.

Vintage cars

Even though the value of cars depreciates as soon as you leave the dealership, vintage cars don’t. Classic vintage cars can earn you some millions if you start early. Investing in vintage cars may not be fun if you are not into cars. However, you must be a car person to invest in vintage cars. Or you could also consider buying damaged cars and fixing them for a profit. You can also acquire Canadian model cars.

Crowdfunding real estate

In the past, the real estate industry was reserved for the wealthy. Another way to get involved in real estate when you don’t have the resources to purchase a property is to get involved in a crowdfunded real estate investment platform. 

Cheap land

Gathering the resources to buy a property or piece of land on a California beach can take a lot of time for an average person. Instead, you can invest in buying cheap land in areas with little development. Over time, the land’s value will increase, and you can sell it for a profit. 

Rare coins

Invest in rare coins, and you are likely to get gains of up to 13%, according to experts. However, the rarity of the coin you collect will determine what the future returns will be. For instance, according to experts, the 1559 British coin had a one-year return of up to 27.3%. 

Real estate

Even though real estate looks like an overcrowded area, it still has a lot of potential. If you can, invest in commercial buildings instead of residential properties. It is easier to maintain commercial buildings than residential properties. Usually, tenants in commercial buildings will love to keep the property in good condition because it’s their business area.


Smart investors always advise that you diversify your investments to reduce the risk of losing all your money. Imagine investing in real estate, which crumbles because of weather and emigration. To avoid such scenarios, invest in other areas people stay away from. 

Furthermore, there’s a saying that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Investing in uncommon areas may not produce immediate returns, but it can secure a part of your resources. Finally, you can contact an investment expert to get more guidance. Investing more requires more than just following the norm or your instinct.

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