2 Methods for Creating Your Own Minecraft Server

Game lovers will know that Minecraft is one of the most popular single and multi-player games around. For those who want to play against themselves, they need to have a server they can connect with. This server allows multiple players to play easily against one another.

Getting it depends on if you want to buy or better still, create your own. For the latter, you will need to have hardware requirements, security, and technical know-how. This guide will show you the methods for creating your server.

Method 1—Buy a server, to save time

Those with the financial strength could avoid the stress of creating a server and just buy one. Take a look at these top picks.


​​​​You can buy a Hostinger Minecraft server because it is one of the top ones around. It provides hosting services for Minecraft games and has various affordable services. They offer a minimum of 2 GB memory for all servers bought.


This Australia-based tech firm sells different plans for Minecraft lovers. They have premium plans that can suit your taste anytime. In addition, they are receptive to feedback, and you get customized features.

Bisect hosting

This popular Minecraft server hosting has great plans you can afford. They are flexible, offering both the Java and bedrock versions. Their plans have unlimited SSD storage which is within most budgets.

GG servers

This Canada-based hosting service offers hosting for Minecraft servers. They give specifications that are tailored to what you and other players want. Their plans are many designs depending on resources, and they start with 1 GB for all players.

Method 2—Create your server in 2 steps to save money

If you are not buoyant enough, you can create your Minecraft server in versions like Vannila and spigot.

​​​Verifying updated version of Java

Because Minecraft is predominantly a Java-based game, you have to first download the latest version of the program. Then you will need the appropriate source files e. g Minecraft _server.jar which you can get online easily. Once you download the Minecraft server file, save it into a folder and name it ’Minecraft Server.”

Choose the Batch file to run the server

After saving in a folder, right-click where the file is and choose “text document” (please make sure the file is in Jar format). You will then paste this line: 1cmd k iava-xms1G-Xmx1G into the notepad. The next step is to save the document as a batch file, which windows recognizes for commands. Double-click then run Bat file to enter the Minecraft server.

Why have a server for Minecraft?

A server becomes necessary for Minecraft because of a variety of reasons.

Avenue to bond

Minecraft’s servers allow you to connect with millions of gamers around the world in a virtual space. Depending on the server that you build or buy, you can connect with more than 10 other players.

Additional features

With a Minecraft server, there aren’t any limitations, all you need is your hardware requirements. You can also include different mods and other distinctive features that will give you an excellent experience.

Encourages creativity

A Minecraft server brings out innovative ideas in you because you can create, build and explore various civilizations with the help of other people virtually.

Minecraft games are one of the best games available, however, using a server will make it more fun.

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